Your shipping questions answered

What shipper does idk use?

La Poste.

Where does idk ship from?

France (43).

What shipping options are available?

You have the choice of tracked and/or insured methods, depending on your country of delivery. You’ll only see shipping options available for the delivery address you enter during checkout.

Where does idk ship to?

It definitely ships to the EU, the UK, the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. The best way to check if idk ships to your country is to go through the checkout process, entering your correct delivery address. You’ll only see shipping options available for the delivery address you enter during checkout.

No shipping options are shown for my country. Can I still order idk?

Probably. Email me at and I’ll try to sort you out.

When do idk orders get packed and shipped?

Orders are packed once a week on Fridays and shipped on Saturdays. The order cut-off for shipping in any given week is 2100h in France on the Thursday of that week. Any order received after 2100h on Thursday in France will be shipped on Saturday of the following week.

Should I pay for the insured shipping option?

Yes. I don’t refund or exchange orders which are damaged in shipping. I only offer refunds for goods that were received damaged or defective and where there was no damage to the shipping material upon delivery. For more details, take a look at the Returns Policy.

I want to order idk in dizzyingly large quantities. Tell me how.

This is what all merchants want to hear. Email me at

Packaging nerds only: How is idk packaged for shipping?

Each deck is packed in a small sealed zip-locking plastic bag, then packed in a rigid cardboard box which is further enclosed in a plastic bag. Unfortunately, this much packaging seems to be the only way to adequately protect shipment contents from liquids and rough handling. Orders of up to 4 decks ship in a box that is 24cm x 16cm x 3cm that should fit into many letterbox slots.